Grayman Sub-Saharan 8 Wood Chopper

I use them hard all day they are sharp at the end of the day just a few strokes on a Smith sharpening rod and it's hair shaving sharp.  When I'm cutting wood I'm not worried about the edge getting dull at all as long as I don't hit rocks and nails.I have even been chopping trees off a barbed wire fence before, missed the log hit the wire and cut it in two, I was horrified but after inspecting the edge no nicks,or dings amazing.
Almost every time I show someone how well your knives chop, the first thing they do after the chopping is feel the edge and say thats amazing its still razor sharp. It stays that way all day, tree after tree log after log. And sharpening takes less than a minute. You could chop ten 2 by 6 just like that and it would still be very sharp. They are like chainsaws for your hip. --Nick F.

This is my son and I in the middle of nowhere building a survival shelter using my Darfur Defender. Sweet knife that in reality is easier to process these trees with. Thank you for the amazing quality tools.

PS- its hard to see but there's a sasquatch in the background. He saw my defender and kept his distance. --J.
Grayman Survival Knife
Grayman Mega Pounder Combat Knife

Just wanted you to see that I believe in your knives so much, I took it with me to Afghanistan.  The 7.5” Mega Pounder has been great to use over here and I am constantly being asked where I got it.  The Afghan Police are constantly eyeballing the knife when I am working around them.  Been offered up to $500 cash for it, but could not bring myself to sell her.  “Ball Buster” has been a good companion. Thanks again!

First backpacking trip with my five year old daughter. The Grayman processed several sections of 6" down dried wood for our campfire and helped create the feather sticks that got it started. This knife never disappoints! Thanks again for a great product!  JF
Grayman Backpacking Knife Mega Pounder
Grayman Hunting Knife

Good news… your knife works.  :)
PS:  I didn't f*** up. That's not my blood!
The guide was amazed at the knife! "Holy f******* s**t, what is THAT?"

You sold me a Pemburu last spring sometime. Everybody gave me flak for having this big, ridiculous knife, but when we got there, suddenly everybody saw the need for a large camp knife. It was a hatchet, pry bar, hammer, fillet blade, shovel, splitting wedge, and an awesome combat knife.
I am a Marine with 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines. My knife, despite having experienced an explosion that shattered my machine gun (RIP, Delilah...), wasn't even scratched. My team cleaned it up and rewrapped the handle with grip tape for me and brought it back to me. The blast blew my sheath to shit, I'm going to need another one. My .357 Mag needs a cozy knife to keep her company. Please let me know. Err-rah and Semper Fi!
God bless,
- Jake
Grayman Merdeka Military Knife
Grayman Suenami 4 Military/Survival Knife

I was the gunner on the RG when it ended up like that. short version of the story my squad leader was able to cut me out of the turret with my 4" suenami that was attached to my IOTV, and drag me to doc to get patched up.
So I just wanted to say thanks it saved my life! DE - US ARMY
One of the guides told me to use his knife in prying open the bamboo because he was afraid that it will break and he knew that it was expensive. I told him not to worry because it is a very tough knife. his eyes went wide when i pried it open because it flexed a little, after that he asked if he can borrow my knife to have a look at it. He commented that it was very nice and heavy. He is the one helping me with the firewood. A real mountain man and a very good tracker.
AF - Philippines (Mega Pounder 7)
Our operations in the CENTCOM AOR require me to put my aircrews at risk every single day in order to support the ground forces who are putting themselves at an even greater risk.  When I came on board, I realized that our aircrew survival equipment was sorely lacking and immediately began building the best aviation life support equipment (ALSE) "go bags" I could put together for each of my aircraft.  I needed gear that the aircrews could use to survive on the ground, if necessary, until they could be recovered.  Grayman was an obvious choice for the survival knives and rescue axes.
Attached are pics of a Mega Pounder and GRAX we ordered.  These are bar-none the best tools we could have acquired for our "go bags".  I know that if one of my aircrews ever have to put an airplane down "outside the wire", they now have the best equipment they would need to survive until rescued.
Thank you both for your outstanding product, your quick responses, world-class customer support, and your insanely fast turn-around time from order to shipment.  Most of all, thank you for your support to the Troops!!

  The Dinkas came today!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!! Excuse me but holy sh*t are these things comfortable in the grip. These are the first ones I have with G10s on them. Man that stuff is grippy. I love it! You guys really hit a homerun with the shape of the handle, and the angle is perfect! Aggressive but not so aggressive that a reverse grip is uncomfortable. I'm extremely happy with it! And wow what an edge you put on these. The passed the arm shave test no prob. Thats what everyone's been doing to test the edge. They all like how comfortable the grip is. The knives made our week brother. Thank you once again for more fine pieces. Ive put them to work already, cutting open cases of IPSC targets.  Take it easy and thanks again!!!

I got my knives yesterday and was blown away!  They are fantastic! 
Doing business with Grayman Knives was truly refreshing.  You took my order by email and asked for nothing in return.  You didn't want a deposit or a credit card number.  You did business with my word and a handshake.  You told me exactly what to expect and delivered on every account.  This is how business should be done.  Most companies could learn a thing or two from you!  I am so pleased that I would like to place another order (see below).  I wish you the best of luck and will be a customer for life!  Thank you!  WARDOG 7

Came home today to a pleasant suprise, my new knife waiting on the porch for me!  It looks great.  Everything I thought it would be.  Thanks for getting it out so fast.  Its a good combo of size and strength for most uses.  I like the Gator touch, it gives a good look and some abrasion to the grip. The more I handle it the more I like it.  Its a serious piece of gear. Purpose built, no frills, hard use equipment. I may have to order another one, I have a good friend set to deploy to Irag in two weeks and Im thinking about giving it to him.  I'll let you know. Id like to think he could put it to good use there.  - RH, Chief Deputy Special Operations (Ground Pounder)

Just got the knife. HOLY SH*T! Suenami weighs 2 lbs! This knife ooozes power. There is no doubt that this knife will do everything it is asked of.  If you are thinking of purchasing a GRAYMAN. Do it. Price should never be considered when you are looking for a device that will save your life. Buy it! Mike, Sue your company excels in every aspect that I encountered, I hope you guys never stop doing what you're doing. My sons are going to need battle knives when they come of age. Again thank you and I can't even hold another knife let alone think of purchasing one after I have seen what you guys bring to the table.   L.E. (Seattle)

Thanks again! So far, I tried the blade on a cow femur. Chopped right through with 2 strikes! RT-LEO (MERDEKA 8)


Got my knife today and it's everything I expected and more. I will make sure and put it to good use on my upcoming deployment. B. C. (Suenami)

I just got the Ground Pounder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I LOVE THIS KNIFE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Making and using edged tools has defined us as humans for tens thousands of years. My Grayman knives give me the feeling of being connected to that part of history. Hand made for improving and preserving the quality of life for one of the historically prolific class of people, the soldier. They embody what a combat knife should be in every sense. They are brutally intimidating, invoking reactions from everyone as soon as they are drawn.  The handles are awesome and the gatorgrip texture works extremely well. They are very well balanced and handle really comfortably. The index finger slot works extremely well to keep the blades secure in grip while thrusting, stabbing, slashing, and chopping. I have the utmost confidence in these blades and they bring with them a sense of comfort knowing that no matter what, they WILL NOT fail to their job when you need it most. You can't help but feel heavily armed at all times. Thank you Mike. RR-US ARMY (KORDOFAN 8, SUENAMI)

So, just got back from the woods a few days ago. Not much of a vacation.....cold, wet, rainy, snow, wind, waves, and sand. But, then again, there was glass lake canoeing, alpine sight-seeing, mountain lake swimming and a good old pass the whiskey around the fire nights. In between all of that, the knife was working on either splitting wood, making tent stakes, carving poles for tarps, slicing steak and potatoes, stirring coffee, cutting sections of rope, dicing vegetables, and pretty much everything you can think of in between. All in all, I am super super happy with the Kordofan 6. Not too long, noT too short. The curve keeps the low section of the blade from getting dulled easily, and the wide top chops like a charm. Held its edge very well, and the expedition sheath was just the right cut to carry on a belt the entire time. AB

I have just started to put the Pounder through its paces and this sucker is for real! I have barely begun to scratch the surface of this knife's full potential, but I am sure it will hang tuff through anything I will be able to throw at it. To put it bluntly, I love this knife, I love your service and I will buy another. I think I need a Mega Pounder. Thanks for a great product and great service. TS (Ground Pounder)

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you the Dinka is working out great. Sharpens easy, holds a great edge, conceals easy. Carried it daily since I got it. Thanks again for making it for me.

I was told by a close friend of ours that if I did not order a Suenami I was a punk.  Being that I don't want to be a punk and the knife will fit well into my everyday work I would like to place an order when you get a chance.

WHAT A BEAUTY!!!  Got the knife today!  I don't think I've bugged our postal clerk as much as I have in the past couple of days.  The grip is perfect for my hand.  The weight is definitely excellent for fighting; balanced and light but still has a heft to it.  I do love this blade! 

It's quite a chunk of steel--I like the feel and heft of it---definitely a confidence booster for having to use it for SWAT tasks--thanks again. R - SWAT Officer

This is the beefiest sumbitch I have ever put my hand on!!! I love it! I think even the sheath is bulletproof...Anyway I can't say enough. I will definitely be putting this knife to good use. M - Sgt US Army

GOT IT BRO!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! This KNIFE is a real BEAST!!! A.L.

I was able to get the Dinkas today..the mini-Dinka is going to make the perfect neck knife and just looks mean as hell. The Dinka is one HUGE chunk of steel...functional and beautiful!! This will be my back up piece always! M - US Army

Wow!!! Another great blade from Mike at Grayman!! This Darfur Defender is simply awesome!!! Its a thick piece of steel (.25"), great balance, awesome grip and a fantastic price!

If you haven't delt with Mike, you are missing out on some of the best customer service in the industry. He knows his stuff, explains the options you have and backs his knives up 100%. He's a great guy who makes a great knife! M - Maj. US Army

Mike describes his knives as having a "Russian tank factory" finish. Maybe so, but they handle more like a Porsche. All go, they are... :) R - Sgt. US Army

Hell yeah! You can't beat the price for these awesome knives and great service! L - Maj. US Army

Received that "bad boy" today. What can I say, it's awesome! Great knife for the value, and it's gonna be used! J - LEO TO
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