Your Warranty goes like this:

Free sharpening anytime. You pay postage, and we'll sharpen her up and send her right back. If you break it (yeah right) send it back and we'll fix or replace it post haste. If you sell it, give it away, or will it to a family member or fave charity, the warranty goes with it.

If you don't like it because it's ugly (like me), or your wife hates it, or the little voices in your head tell you to send it back, zip it back to us within 90 days for a prompt refund.

Grinding modifications will void your warranty.  We don't do custom modifications.


30-DAY REFUND: If you receive your knife and hate it for any reason, send it back to us within 30 days in its original condition for a full, prompt and cheerful refund.

SERVICE: Your Grayman folder has been designed and built to be tough. We have used thick, strong components designed to make it as strong as possible and still fit in your pocket. As much as we hate to say it, any knife can be broken. The blade on your Grayman folder is made from premium S30V or 20CV steel heat treated to HRC 58-60. Your folder was not designed for use as a prybar,  hatchet, screwdriver, throwing knife or anything other than a cutting tool.

If you do break your tip we will take a look at it and see if it can be reground (no charge).

Stainless steel means “stain less” so we can’t warranty against rust, it will be up to you to maintain your blade properly.

Other things not covered:

- Disassembly

- Modification 

- Wear and Tear

We do not offer repair service for knives that have been modified (acid-washed, anodized or otherwise modified).

Please allow 6-8 weeks for repairs.

FREE SHARPENING: You pay postage, and we'll sharpen her up and send her back. Give us a heads up with delivery notification or tracking number to help us get it turned around quickly.

We do not sell/ship/service folders internationally due to problems with customs and tracking (except to APOs/FPOs of course.)


Your Grayman folder should not need much maintenance.

If you get your knife real dirty, you can wash it with soap and water without taking it apart, there is no need to disassemble for washing. During reassembly the washers can be pinched or damaged which will cause the knife to malfunction. If you choose to disassemble be sure to place the washers very carefully so you don't pinch them.

The phosphor bronze washers are self-lubricating and do not need to be oiled.  


As far as resharpening goes, you can maintain the toothiness on it by sharpening it on a rough grit Arkansas stone, then doing your last few passes with the edge trailing, to rough the edge slightly. When you’re using a ceramic rod, pull away for the last few passes. If you have any problems at all, send it on in for a free resharpen, we’ll do our best to get your knife back to you quickly.


If you are having problems opening your folder, use two fingers briefly to get it started, then your thumb to finish opening.

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